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Non-dairy alternative to cream  with strawberries


Oat Supreme non-dairy cream
full of the goodness of oats

The latest addition to the growing family of Oat Supreme soya-free products is the long awaited, Oat Supreme non-dairy alternative to cream

Also full of the goodness of oats, great tasting, just like dairy cream, it comes in a 250ml long life carton, so versatile it can be used as a pouring single cream, but also ideal made into soured cream by adding a pinch of salt and half a teaspoon of lemon juice to taste.

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The family of oat products brought to you by First Foods goes on and on

Oat Supreme Lite ice cream
Oat Supreme Lite ice cream with no added sugar.
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Supreme chocolate coated ice cream
Supremes, the vegan ice cream, coated in non-dairy chocolate on a stick.
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Oat Supreme non-dairy oat ice cream
Oat Supreme ice cream - a non-dairy frozen dessert
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Oat Supreme non-dairy milk
Oat Supreme non-dairy milk.
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all just OAT of this world


Ingredients and nutritional information


No animal products are ever used in our recipes and the range remains totally vegan.

Christmas pudding and creamOat Supreme, non-dairy cream is wheat gluten free, egg free and dairy free. Free from cholesterol, and full of good taste, use our cream poured over puddings, in desserts or at the end of cooking time mixed into sauces to thicken as you would do a dairy cream.Irish coffee It even makes the most wonderful albeit extravagant creamer in coffee.


It's the Cream of the crop!


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